April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend 2015

We dyed eggs with Oliver. He colored the eggs with a wax crayon while I did the potentially messy job.


We had egg hunts the next two days. Ollie did well at the Rogers' Family egg hunt.

{When you are two, you don't have to wear your pants to hunt for eggs.}
But at the Shill Family egg hunt, he just started opening the eggs and eating the candy out of them.

 This picture is called "Mom won't let me eat any more of my Easter candy."
Oliver's Easter basket included fun items such as: candy, green crocs, Curious George coloring book, Duck Tales DVD {which I have to exchange/return because I opened it myself and it had 2 of 3 discs}, and a CD of the Children's Primary Songbook.
We spent most of the weekend visiting with family and watching General Conference. Happy Easter!

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