April 9, 2015

Fort Building

Yesterday when I went to get Oliver from his nap, he immediately asked before I could walk out of the room, "You wanna play in my room, Mom?"
And seriously, how do you say "no" to that.
You don't. So we built a super awesome fort.

When he was done, it got destroyed. Thanks for always wanting to play with me Ollie. You keep me young...and make me feel old all at the same time.
This morning he asked, "Mom, you want a kiss?" YES!!
Cadbury hasn't gotten any airwaves lately...
He is a good dog. He stalks me at night, following me around. If he sees me going for my tennis shoes {which means going on a walk} he goes bonkers. He owns the backyard. If someone enters his terrain, he thinks that means you have solely come to play fetch with him. Cadbury rarely loses interest in a game of fetch and only tires after he has played with each and every one of us. He misses the squirrels. If he escapes the yard {usually a gate opened by one of the neighbor girls} he doesn't go very far. Just next door to see if one of the neighbor dogs would play with him. Our little social butterfly. He loves a good scratch of the ears & still will eat anything someone throws at him, or drops. We love you Cadbury - sorry Oliver has taken to calling you Badbury.

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