April 15, 2015

My Twin's Birthday

People are always assuming I am my sister, Beth. On Saturday, I went to a wedding reception and she did not. On Sunday, {her birthday} she got a Happy Birthday and thank you for being at the reception message on Facebook. She was pleased that she no-showed, but still got credit. She was not pleased, however, with her birthday being on a Sunday. I tried to make her feel better about it by offering to make her dinner & dessert.
Then on Monday, we went to Tia Rosa's for her birthday lunch.
I like to think, I made it the best birthday ever.
 Grandpa & Jane
The Peterson brood.
Oliver loves baby Jane.
Who wouldn't?!?
Party animal crashed after all the excitement.
Adam is embarrassing...
...and Bennett made off with my camera to take selfies...
More weirdos...
Happy Birthday, Betty!
Elyce - come visit & I will create a magical birthday evening for you too!

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