May 7, 2015

Spring Shenanigans

'They' say "April showers bring May flowers" but in Arizona this year it's more accurate to say, "May showers bring back April's flowers." Each evening has brought in a thunderstorm and everything that had begun to wilt in the heat has bloomed back to life.

Last month, I learned the blissful heaven that is Chick-fil-A ice cream cones. Here is Ollie getting a lesson on licking the ice cream cone. He's a natural.
One lovely evening we went for a walk and found somebody's irrigation overflowing big time and let Ollie run in the gutter to his 's content.
 He eventually got stripped down to his skivvies and couldn't be any happier about it.
I couldn't be happier he got a bath and got the fishy smell washed off of him.

A few Saturday's ago we took Oliver to the zoo. The weather was gorgeous and Ollie's favorite thing was seeing all the baby turtles swimming next to the shore. There were many of them. He also loves brushing the goats.


Last week I FINALLY got my wedding ring fixed up to perfection. {I haven't been wearing it for, gulp, years...Bad Megan!}
I love it!
Getting my ring fixed inspired my mom to get some of hers fixed. Which then led to my dad wanting to get his fixed. Which then led to the realization that he couldn't find it. We searched all day, each of us looking in the same spots several times each. Magically I found it in a spot each of us had searched at least four times each. Phew! The next day I found out my Mother-In-Law's ring had been missing for a year. I couldn't stop thinking about it and decided to go over there and help her begin the search again. After about three minutes of searching, her and her ring were reunited. Needless to say, I'm a miracle maker when it comes to lost things. I think my dedication to searching for whatever is lost is what gets the thing found. I lose sleep thinking about it and become completely obsessed until it's found. So if you lose something, call me. I won't sleep until it's found.  ;)
The search for dad's ring led to some spring cleaning - hooray!
Jordan and I have enjoyed some date nights this past month. It is so nice to be able to drop Ollie off to play with cousins and/or grandparents.
 Camera shy/check out that whacked-up pinky finger.
Ollie loves playing at Grandma & Grandpa Rogers'

Ollie has become obsessed with Charlie Brown & Snoopy lately. He loves watching the shows and laughs & laughs at the funny things he sees. We saw these ridiculous jammies on one of our date nights and had to get them for our Snoopy-loving child.

It's also really nice to be able to reciprocate the service and babysit for others. Baby Jane is a frequent visitor to our house. She loves to nap in my bed.

Isn't she precious?!
We had a horrible, awful scare a few weeks ago. Ollie and I had just gotten to the grocery store when my sister, Beth, called. She was crying and said she tripped at the kids school while she was holding Jane and Jane hit her head. {Not to mention Beth was covered in blood from trying to shield that sweet baby from harm. Beth's knees, elbows and hands were like hamburger.} She was taking her to the doctor and might need us to watch big brother Drake. Oliver & I immediately bowed our heads and said a prayer in the middle of the produce section at Fry's. The doctor sent Jane for an x-ray and it showed a crack in her skull. {When I heard this I wanted to throw-up.} She got a Priesthood blessing from her dad and grandpa and then a CT-scan showed there was no swelling or bleeding. A few hours later she was cleared to go home. It's been two weeks and she had a neuro appointment this morning and is in good shape to continue being her cute self. HUGE sigh of relief and many prayers of thanksgiving!
On a lighter note, I spy with my little eye...

These are the last pictures of Ollie in his crib.
He has officially moved into a 'big-boy bed!' {pictures to come}
Yesterday, I realized it is the month of May. Next month is June and the month after that, my baby will be THREE! Where has the time gone, I do not know - but I am reminded to live in the moment.
Even these moments...

I love my family!

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Sharon said...

Thank you for my RING!!!!!!!!! So glad Jane was ok. Many prayers were answered