May 31, 2015

Out of Africa

Jordan had an extra vacation day to use up before he got more and we decided to use it the Friday before Mother's Day. We made plans to go to Out of Africa {about 2 hours away}. I was worried about the weather being too hot, but it was an absolutely gorgeous day {windy & even a super light drizzle of rain after lunch}. We had a lot of fun & Ollie still talks about it. I liked that the animals all seemed really happy, unlike most zoos. Their habitats were natural and really large. The weather was pretty much the same as what they are used to in the wild. They were out and about, ready for interaction unlike the zoo where they hide in corners and you can never quite see them for the beautiful animals they really are.
 This guy was enormous when he stretched up TALL & we were five feet from him. So cool.

***Any picture of Oliver's face shows a grumpy little man. That was due to sleep deprivation {done by himself to himself} and not wanting his picture taken which caused the stinker to come out. He really did love the park.


The Tiger Splash show was one of the most gnarly things I've ever seen - 700 pounds of Siberian tiger jumping spread eagle into the air = pure awesomeness.
 Did you know this ostrich weighs 500 lbs.? I guess it's not just all fluff - except for the poor birds' head, it is definitely just fluff in there.
We got to feed giraffes and a spirited camel.
 Also, our safari guide made out with this guy...really, she did.

  Every time we head out of town we pass Rock Springs CafĂ© which is famous for their pies. I finally begged Jordan to stop on the way back into town and it did not disappoint! Seriously, the BEST PIE I've ever had. I dream of that Peach Crumble Pie. Again, Oliver was thrilled with his picture being taken...maybe, you should sleep through the night!!!
 I am so glad Jordan was able to play hooky with us - it was such a great day!

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