May 6, 2015

Sunday Best

I finally remembered to get pictures of Ollie before church on Sunday. He has such cute little outfits. I always forget because we have early church and we are always late as is. When we get home from church we rip off these fancy clothes and get into our comfy clothes before I remember to take pictures. So even though we were ten minutes late, I took an extra two minutes in front of the church building to take these and boy, oh boy, did it pay off!



These pictures kill me.
 I look at them often, lucky for Oliver who has decided not to take naps all week and keeps sneaking out of his room when I think he's napping. Speaking of...I better go check on that sneaky little devil and make sure he's not roaming the house.

1 comment:

Briana Shepley said...

Beyond adorable! Hard to believe they are getting so big so fast! Miss you guys!