May 30, 2015

Big Boy BED

Oliver started sneaking out of his crib during naps.
 He would either sneak around the house or play in his room.
 Caught with his hand in the cookie jar...
 These were all when I thought he was napping. Nope. He drew this awesome picture that I think looks like a treasure map. He said it's Captain Hook.
Once I caught him hiding from me and asked him what he was doing, he said "tippin toein." I decided if he was going to climb out of his crib anyway, he needed to move into his big boy bed. I was especially excited to have a little more room in his room for toys and such. He has made the transition like a champ and hasn't had a single problem.
Most of this post was written 1 month ago, fast-forward to the now and I am shaking my head at my naïve/happier/better rested self. Here is the truth, the past month has been rough. My fantastic little sleeper has reverted back to newborn stage and wakes up at least once, sometimes three times a night. He has stopped napping, stays up late and wakes up early. I could cry. Here is what it looks like when he is sleeping in his bed.
 The following posts depict this sleep deprivation & also explain why I haven't been around blogging about life.

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