June 2, 2010

30 Percent Chance of Rain

During dinner tonight, we were listening to the local news. The weatherman predicted 30% chance of rain.
Jordan says, "30% - Ha! It's not gonna rain."
I reply, "Jordan, maybe 30% means something different in places other than Arizona."
He agreed.
We grew up knowing 30% chance for showers meant - no rain. Also, that unless it was actually raining outside, the weatherman/woman never know, well, anything. [That sounds harsh.]
Apparently 30% chance of rain in Austin, Texas, means it is not only going to rain, it is going to pour down huge raindrops creating large puddles all over the roads. The storm we experienced tonight is probably an average little ol' storm for Texans, but for Arizonans it was as large as storms get. There was a seriously un-cool amount of thunder & lightning - I am not a fan. Jordan can attest that I act like a dog stranded outside during a thunderstorm, I cower with every blast of light & sound.
The storm made for a beautiful drive before it really started to come down.
That is right, we decided to venture out into the storm. The 30% chance of rain did not scare us (that's because it hadn't started until we left the safety of our home). We were on a mission. I had heard Round Rock (located just to the north of Austin) held the #1 Donut in the whole state of Texas & naturally I needed to know what all the fuss was about.
Good thing Jordan replaced the wiper blades on the car before we left Arizona because we needed them tonight. I thought for sure we were going to die, but we eventually made it to our destination & the prize my friends...
The #1 Donut in Texas: Round Rock Donuts "Original Glazed Donut"
The donuts are actually orange.
They are quite delicious - thankfully after risking death for them. We definitely needed a glass of milk to complete the experience. Next time.
Come visit us & we will take you there - just not if there is a 30% chance of rain.


Mike and Katie said...

Oh my gosh, I have wanted to try those donuts forever! I saw them on Man vs Food and have wanted to try them since. Don't them make one that is like 3 pounds or something? So cool :) I love donuts.

Megan and Jordan said...

You are correct. Only the drive thru was open when we went - next time I want to get a pic of the big donut. Come visit me and I'll buy you the big one Ü.

Alexa Mae said...

those look soooo amazing!!! i want one! do you think by the time you get one a mail it to me, it will be disgusting? hmmm. ;) i am jealous of the rain!