June 9, 2010


I have had a lot of spare time recently.
I occupy my time with things like:
*laying out
*working out
*annoying close relatives [mostly Elyce] with my phone calls because I need somebody to talk to or I will lose my sanity
I have started cooking a lot this week especially.
It has occupied so much of my time that today I was sick of it & decided to give myself a day off. After all, there are plenty of leftovers to feed an army. Jordan wanted to go out rather than experience the exciting aspect of leftovers. Over the weekend we tried to go to
Chuy's Fine Tex Mex

- - it was a one & a half hour wait - - No Thank You!!!
We thought we would give it another try tonight. Our thought process was: It's a Wednesday night so it won't be as busy as a Friday night. I guess we were somewhat right, still a half hour wait, but that just confirmed the rumors that this place must be really tasty.
Since being in Austin, I have been kind of disappointed in where we have gone to eat (excluding The Salt Lick). I have wanted to find that place that I go home & dream about [or write a blog post about]. Someplace I can take family out to when they come to visit & will ensure they will be back. Found it!

Seriously the best tortilla chips - EVER!!! Perfect in every way. Our food was finger lickin' good. Different than Arizona Mexican food, but equally as yummy.I was glad Jordan offered to go out for the night. I needed to get out. I have been cooped up all week. It has been overcast & rainy all week, thus, ruining my routine of working out & then basking in the beautiful sunshine.
I am definitely looking forward to this weekend. We will be temporarily relocating to San Antonio to stay at this cute Bed & Breakfast

that has gotten excellent reviews. I look forward to touring The Alamo, shopping Riverwalk, & maybe even going to the San Antonio Zoo [do you have any idea how much I going to the zoo!?!]

P.S. Since I taunted you all with pictures of food this entire post I thought I would leave you with a recipe for these...Caramel Apple Muffins

Perfect for breakfast (& does not require a bowl - - you know, if you have a hard time finding bowls around your place, like me).

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