June 7, 2010

{How Bizarre}

Why am I eating my oatmeal from this measuring cup?!?
Because...the corporate housing we are staying in [for free, so I cannot complain too much] came "Fully Furnished."
Or did it?!?
~ 4 bowls ~ 4 plates ~ 4 forks ~ 4 spoons ~
They did not take my husband into account. Well, maybe they did not take me into account, it is his internship after all.
You see, Jordan is a cereal addict.
A bowl of cereal first thing in the morning & a bowl to finish off his day right before going to bed...everyday.
I cannot understand this practice.
I hate cereal.
How can he not get sick of it? The world [I] may never know.
So I am eating my breakfast from a Pyrex dish. Eh, [insert shoulder shrug] it still tastes the same.
Moving on...Do you like my pantry?
I grew up with the World's Largest Pantry, seriously, I did. My mom designed the house to have a XXX-Large place to store food. Which, honestly, was a really nice thing. No stressing over where to put all that food storage. Anyway, I grew up thinking this obnoxious size of a pantry was normal. So I find it a little bizarre that apartments come with little or no, in this case, places to store food. Oh, well [insert another shoulder shrug] the food is stored, just not very conveniently.
These things are slight quirks, peculiarities, small irritations.
Overall, I our apartment.
~ It is free
~ The washer & dryer are brand new & can actually hold large amounts of laundry
~ It is quite roomy
~ It is clean
~ It smells good
~ There is a nook for the computer (see picture below)
~ The kitchen has an island, providing adequate counter space (see picture below)
The only thing it is truly missing...my cereal loving husband from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

{ I would take Lucy & the beach too }


Scott and Kenzie Butler said...

Megan! You have such a cute blog! I am so glad that I found it! Sounds like you are having a blast in Austin! And I totally understand Jordan's obsession with cereal because I too have the obsession...too bad the good ones have sugar overload!
Kenzie Butler (use to be Sperry!)

Megan and Jordan said...

What up Kenzie! Glad you found us, so I can blog stock you too! Always glad to see a new blog. I am sorry for your grocery bill too then - all that cereal & milk - gets pricey.

Mom said...

What is it they say, "opposites attract"? I know this to be true in my own case! I think the reason for this madness is that way it takes two to complete the whole. Actually, you should be used to someone who eats cereal morning and night, yes it does get pricey but I always shopped for the deals! One more thing, I think you meant stalk not stock. You make me smile!

Megan and Jordan said...

Thanks mom for correcting my spelling. How embarrassing! (I had to look up how to spell embarrass, so I didn't embarrass myself, yet again)

Sharon Mae said...

You can blame his dad for that bad habit, but now he's lacto so maybe that will happen to Jordan, too, and you'll have to buy almond milk! I hope not!