June 27, 2010

The Sights

Last weekend we went to Lake Travis [located in Western Austin] & ate at The Oasis.
Here is the front side of the restaurant...
& this is what the backside looks like...
It is a very popular spot to watch this...
The views were incredible.
A few days before we ate here, Jordan got to spend a day at Lake Travis with all the Dell interns. I was jealous I was not invited, but he deserved the break. Anyway, that is how he found out about The Oasis & really wanted to take me there. I did my favorite thing ever - people watching. I love people watching. Next to us was a couple on their first date. The guy was committing date suicide by talking non-stop, cutting his date off when she finally did get a word in, & bringing up subjects such as religion, politics, and ex-girlfriends. He was clueless to her starring off longingly into space, texting her friends on how much she wanted to jump off the balcony {I assume that is what she was texting}, & rolling her eyes. It was amusing from where we were sitting. I am so glad I don't have to suffer through dating anymore, thank you my love.
The following day we went golfing. Well, Jordan & two of the interns he works with went golfing, I drove the cart.
I am a horrible golfer...very bad depth perception...quite embarrassing.
The three of them had a pretty good game & I think everyone had a good time. It was fun to get to know Claire & Jaared some more.
It was a beautiful day. Check out those clouds. We were pretty hungry by the end of it so we headed over to Rudy's BBQ to fill our empty bellies with some delicious food. Mmmm. Not too shabby of a weekend.

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