August 23, 2010

Back to School

WARNING!!! A huge portion of this post is devoted to my nerdy knowledge & memorization of the movie Mulan - I spent way too many nights staying up late watching Mulan with my sister. You think that sounds okay, but I think I was in Junior High & she in High School at the time. We would laugh & laugh & laugh. These are my immature thoughts as I force Jordan to take pictures the morning of his first day of school, like all loving parents do with their children. I will show to you 2 different realities. The first is what I said to myself, in my head, & the second is what I actually said to him that morning. Anyway, I warned you.
Nerdy voice in my head: "My little Baby's all grown up, and...and, savin' China. {sniff}"
Filtered voice void of [most] nerdiness: "Bye, Jordan. I hope you have a great first day of school. Smile for the camera!"
Nerdy voice in my head: "Be nice, have fun, listen to your teacher, no fighting, and play nice with the other kids...unless one of the other kids want to fight; then you have to kick the other kids' butt."
[Somewhat] Filtered voice [not hardly enough] void of my nerdiness: "Play nice with the other kids. {chuckle, hold in laugh}"
Nerdy voice in need of being tamed: "My little baby's off to destroy people."
I need to watch Mulan - - "NOW! BETHANY!"


Lindsey Stokes said...

I love this post! I am so glad I found someone that can quote that movie as much as I can!! I read your post and a smile came to my face!! Miss you! You will have to come by and visit.

shillibeans said...

You crack me up! We should have a May May Mulan party!