August 9, 2010

.Lonestar State of Mind.

Texas has been good to us.It is absolutely, positively beautiful here.There has been so much to see & do.See & do we did! I feel like Texas knew we were coming. It "paid off" everything from the friendly natives to the nasty bugs to put on a show for J & M Rogers. It has been on its very best picture perfect behavior since we have arrived. It wants to entice us with all its grandeur so we will love it here & won't ever, ever want to leave.
While, Texas is absolutely a marvel, I realize now that I have definitely been looking out of rose colored glasses.
Confused? Let me explain.
1.) Bugs. There are mammoth sized bugs here. I have seen them, unfortunately. However, none of these 'freaks of nature' have had the guts to enter our apartment. Causing me to think they are well-behaved insects with good manners. They stay outside & do not enter anothers' home. Wrong! They just have never entered MY home. Supposedly everyone around us have horrible bug problems. {I do not know why we are so lucky, but I thank the heavens.}
***ALERT: Texas - Get your money back from the mosquitoes, they have not behaved as the other bugs, even through my rose colored glasses. They have been acting like their pesky little selves & have been engorging themselves upon my legs.
2.) Car accidents. I do not believe they happen here. As high as the speed limits are & as aggressive as the drivers seem to be, I have been led to believe they must be good drivers because I have not seen a single car accident here in Austin. While the traffic is horrible most of the time, I have not witnessed a car accident being the cause. Apparently, I am wrong. I guess Austin has a lot of car accidents, I just have not seen them.
3.) Even the weather has obeyed Texas' plea/bribe to behave & act as it should. Last summer was one of the worst summers Austin has seen. Record setting Heat + Drought. This summer has been quite the opposite. Pleasantly cool with plenty of thunderstorms [yes, I know, I was complaining about the thunderstorms a few posts back, but how did Texas know I was a bonafide wimp].
All the rain has provided all the beautiful lush green landscapes that have stolen my . Thank you Texas for putting on your Sunday Best. We appreciate your thoughtfulness...
Unfortunately, for you [Texas], my sister Bethany sent me an e-mail this morning. Letting me know Arizona missed us (& is having fun without us, how dare!). Attached were pictures of loved ones faces that I miss.
Arizona wins!
We will be packing our belongings in the car (the car that hopefully gets there...say your prayers) & heading for The Valley on Friday.
ETA: Saturday Evening - - 4-ish?
I hope to be giving smoochies to these cute faces brothers & sister, so be there!


Mom said...

Yippee-kae-a-cowpatties! They'll be coming home this weekend, yes they will! So long Texas, hello family!

Peterson Fam said...

MOM...That's embarrassing! Maybe you should stay in Texas if mom's going to sing! WELL I'm glad you know we MISS and LOVE you. Texas will survive without you...we will not! Can't wait to see you! Can't wait for you to clean my house and babysit 24/7!! Woot! Woot! Just kidding, my kids are going to school, we can party!! Can you say SAVERS!?!?

shillibeans said...

Love you girl! Can't wait to see your cute face!

Sharon Mae said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your summer and I must agree about Texas. Our stay was too short, but we really were impressed with everything! It will be great to all be in the same state again... if we ever get home :) See you soon!