August 23, 2010

San Diego Vacation

The morning after we got home from Austin, we got on a plane & flew over to San Diego to spend some R&R (for Jordan, not me) time with the Rogers. Rough life, I know.
We spent a Sunday afternoon walking around Balboa Park.
Unfortunately for us, we got there just in time for all the museums to close. Fortunately for us, it is a great place just to walk around & enjoy the sights...& eat a snow cone in the shade.
There were beautiful rose gardens with all types of roses & colors. Jordan & I had a good time goofing around with "engagement shot" poses.
The next day we went to Knott's Berry Farm & had a blast riding all the roller coasters. I'll ride anything, (Minus water rides. I am not a huge fan of getting wet.) but this ride was the worst - - I had a headache for a few hours afterward & I don't think I'll ride one like it again. I think it was called the Boomerang {AKA-De Ja Vu}. Well ride the coaster one way, then like a boomerang, you return the same way you came only now you are backwards. Yuck!
The Accelerator scared me the most, but turned out to be the most fun. You go 80 mph in 2 seconds & up to where we are in this picture in 3.2 seconds. Then you drop, a lot. It was our favorite ride.I haven't seen a roller coaster like this one - The Pony Express. It holds you in by your stomach. It doesn't look like it would be all that much fun, but it ended up being one of my favorites.The Supreme Scream takes you Up, Up, & Away and then drops you like a rock. Terrifying, but really fun. After a long hard day of riding roller coasters I talked everyone into eating at Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner. It's the bomb! It had quite the wait though & we were starving - can you tell by this picture?It is well worth the wait though. The best biscuits you will ever eat! ***I guarantee it!
A few more rides before we call it a day.
Stephen, Myself, & JJ
The boys enjoyed a plunge in the cool water on one ride that I said "No gracias" to. Knott's Berry Farm was really fun. Thank you, thank you Rogers for spoiling us & taking us there.
We were able to spend a day at the beach the following day.
There were even some dolphins that came into shore to say "Hey!" for a little while, it was pretty cool to see...once you confirmed they were in fact dolphins.
The water was super duper chilly so I did not get in. The boys had a good time boogie boarding though.
Jordan riding in a wave.
Beach bumsThe evening before we left for home we took a tour at the Mormon Battalion Museum. Jordan volunteered to dress up like the soldiers.
Cool bayonet Jordy!Me & my soldier. We were sad to leave the Rogers & the beach. Jordan was especially sad since he had to start back to school & work the morning after we got home. So glad we got to go.

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