November 26, 2010

Easy As Pie

Happiest Thanksgiving Wishes!
I had the pleasure of making pies this Thanksgiving.  I was a little nervous because every pie I have made in the past has ended in complete disaster.  If you have ever made a pie, you should know from the experience that it is not "as easy as pie."
All I needed was a little practice. 
 I got a lot of practice because I made 6, count 'em, 6 pies!
I am as proud as a peacock so each pie gets two pictures on this here it or lump it.
Pecan Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Apple Pie
Coconut Cream Pie
Banana Cream Pie
  • 1 Pecan...check
  • 1 Pumpkin...check
  • 2 Apple...check
  • 1 Coconut Cream...check
  • 1 Banana Cream...check
  • enough Stuffing to feed an army...check
  • Rice Krispie Treats...check
Needless to say, I am now a professional pie maker.  Each pie turned out perfectly & tasted great - which is super rewarding. 
I Thanksgiving
& especially
But most of all I
[Picture from our first Thanksgiving together.]
Oh, & I pie!


Sharon Mae said...

Wow! Those pies are gorgeous!! Good job!

Mom said...

I am so thankful and proud of you! The pies were very delicious and would rival the beautiful pies Grandma Shill would make. Thank you for doing all that you did to help, cook, clean, bake, and clean some more. I appreciate you and your sweet giving of self to those you love!