November 15, 2010

Herding Cats

Have you ever heard the phrase 'herding cats?'
Well, my brother & his wife have a herd of cats [kids] all under the age of 5
They invited us to go with them to a SRP (all my brothers work for SRP) picnic & help them keep track of each precious little body.  Jordan & I had a great time rounding up these cute kids. 
The picnic was like entertainment overload for the kids.  We started off at the climbing wall.  Girlie looks unsure at this point...stay tuned.
& look who we ran in to...cousins!
Next we ran on over to the Jumpy Castle, equipped with slide - equalling happiness for the littles.
These boys love to throw baseballs, basketballs, footballs, kickballs, volleyballs - you get my drift.
After using up some energy these little tummies needed some nourishment.
Lunch time = 1 watchful dad (these kids are tiny & quick) + 1 talented mom (she can hold 3 plates at once)
These sisters knew where the fun was at & chose our table over their parents'.
This kid has rhythm.  Serious rhythm
 By far the most entertaining thing for the adults was watching the kids eat Cotton Candy.
Lip-Smackingly good!
 Cotton Candy or Drug???
Grown-ups enjoying responsively...?
Maybe not. :)

What!  More food?!?  Popcorn! I wonder if these little bellies got tummy aches.
We polished off the afternoon with some more rock wall climbing.  These two kids got an extra, extra
l              o                n                  g
turn, thanks to Uncle Ben, who distracted the guys running the climbing wall.
{Usually 2 minutes, they got at least 10, if not 15 minutes.}
Girlie overcame any fear she had in the beginning & went the highest of any of the kids.
Benny got pretty high too [cough, cough ;)].
It was a fabulous afternoon, thanks for the invite guys!
Oh, & in case you were wondering...
That much fun + That much food =
I family!

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Chris and Heather said...

A bit of plagiarism with the "Herd of Cats" comments ;) Thanks for comming with us. We might have lost a kitten or two without you and Jordy there. Great shots. Send them to me when you have time.