November 18, 2010

Golden Boy

My older brother Chris celebrated a Birthday on Sunday!
Chris is known as the 'Golden Boy' in our family because he is the apple of our mother's eye. 
I have very few memories of Chris without his sweet wife Heather.
What I do remember is that him & his friends used to, & some still do when I see them, always said this phrase to me:  "Talking to yourself!" {Said with kind of a baby, whiny voice}
I don't remember what caused this saying to become tradition, but if I had to guess, I must have talked to myself?
Another Big part of my memory was having a brother [Chris] on a mission in Poland.
I would write him letters & waited for what felt like EVER until he came home.  When he finally came home,
he married Heather four months later & that is why I have few memories of my brother without his wife by his side (lucky she only betters him). 
I jumped in their Christmas picture here, but I think I belonged in the picture anyway.  They have always been my buddies.
I always enjoy myself in their presence.
Happy Birthday Golden Boy! 
May you have many, many more!


Chris and Heather said...

I love the comments about his wife :). Where was that pic of us eating? After skiing is my guess?

Chris and Heather said...

P.S. I should scan you some of the choice letters you wrote detailing such info as the play-by-plays of your fellow woofies.

Mom said...

I believe that picture was taken to send to Tim while he was on his mission, knowing he would be jealous of a plate full of liver and onions. It was at some little cafe in the White Mountains when we rented a cabin and went horseback riding.