November 6, 2010


I babysat for my sister a couple weeks ago.
Nora was carrying her stuffed animals around & I asked her if they had names.
She told me her puppies name was Caca {yes, like poop}.
Lucy & I looked at each other & laughed.
I asked Nora if she knew what caca was & she shook her head 'no.'
I told her it was 'narbles' {if you're not a member of the family...narbles are what Nora's older brother,Bennett,calls poop}.
Nora got a frustrated look on her face & yelled, "NO! STOP!"
I guess she didn't like that I told her the reality of what she thought was a clever name.
Lucy & I had a good laugh.
Then they showed me the closet with all the stuffed animals.
Nora started taking them out one by one & telling me their names.
I realized there was an obscene amount of stuffed animals & said there were enough stuffed animals to bury someone in
Well, that sounded like a good idea to them.
Can you find two hands? 
{One belonging to me & the other to Miss Nora?}
Need assistance?
We've been found!
Sorry about the mess Sissy Poop! :-)

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Mom said...

Wasn't it you that used to say that you had the eyes the color of poop?