October 20, 2013

Friends and Other Happenings

Our friends from Bentonville, Arkansas came for a visit one Saturday afternoon.
They have two little girls who are as sweet as can be {& another due on Valentine's Day!}.
 Ollie and Vanessa are two weeks apart. 
 Aaron requested my Gingersnaps during the visit...
 Isn't she a doll?!
Ollie ate his before I could get a picture...that's my boy! We introduced them to Chuy's for lunch {they were appreciative for the acquaintance} and enjoyed a nice day of visiting. Come back and see us - I will make more cookies!
Sometime around their visit, I looked out into the backyard to see this guy eating pecans.
 He spotted me at some point and scurried under the deck to keep a close eye on me...I am keeping a close eye out for you buddy!
I haven't seen him since - - maybe I am scarier than I think. Or the bunnies that live under there posted a 'No Vacancy' sign.
Ollie chillin' for about .2 seconds. So glad I happened to capture the cuteness on camera.
More often than not, he cozies up to Cadbury.

Ollie's self-portrait...
& last, but not least

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