August 28, 2013

At the Car Wash

Jordan thought it would be fun to go to the CAR WASH together. {I know, we are buckets of fun.} We both thought Ollie would like it.
"Hmm...something is happening...
 Better look around to check things out...
 ...Uh, Mom???
 Things are NOT okay, MOM!!
 I'm gonna die, 
 I am DEFINITELY going to die!
 Is it over?! Am I ALIVE?!?
 Good thing I kept my cool back there...
 Nope! Still too soon."
I think we have a bit of a scaredy pants on our hands.  Sorry you didn't like the car wash, Ollie.
Oh, and sorry I took pictures of you the whole time instead of being concerned that you were pooping your pants, so to speak.

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