October 24, 2013

Fifteen Months

Oh, Oliver! You are getting so BIG!
You have been a little Mama's Boy lately.
You are obsessed with SHOES! At church, a little girl caught on to that fact {after you stole hers several times} and when you came towards a group of other kids she yelled, "Look out! He wants your shoes!" Notice the shoe on his hand...always...

Yesterday, you got 4 shots! Boo! It was really sad, but a DumDum sucker put that smile back on your face!

***Weight - 23 lbs. {60%}
***Height - 32 inches {78%}
You are so much fun to be around {most of the time} & you sleep like you love sleep as much as your Mama!

You eat everything which is such a relief! You love to explore and be free! Getting into a car seat, shopping cart, the highchair, or getting your pants changed is torture for everyone involved. 
You love to read books and you make lots of funny sounds with your mouth - you can make the drum-roll sound, blow raspberries, talk like Donald Duck, and you talk nonsense like "Goalie, goalie."
As for your older brother, Cadbury, you are learning how to pet him softly. We are grateful he is ever so patient with you...

& me. ;)

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Mom said...

He is getting so big and he grows cuter by the day!