October 22, 2013

Newport 2013

Ollie & I flew to Arizona so we could drive with my parents a few days later to Newport, California.
 Cadbury tried to go with us...
{Cadbury HATES when we get out our luggage...he sulks. He also hated being put INTO our luggage.  :) }
I owed my mama a birthday cake & I made good on my promise to make her an Italian Creme Cake.
Mmm...it was tasty!
Ollie LOVES my dad.
& I love my dad - he babysat A LOT for me and without any complaints from either of them. One night, dad even put Ollie to bed for me. That night Ollie slept something like 17 hours!!!
The morning after the sleeping marathon...
Oliver also LOVES shoes. I mean, he LOVES LOVES LOVES shoes. {And I hate hate hate his love for nasty icky shoes.} His very favorite, was trying on Grandpa's {clown} shoes.
 Seriously, look at that face. :) 
 He also enjoyed exploring Grandma & Grandpa's house. He did find a small amount of trouble while adventuring on his own without supervision.
The backdoor had a window that was perfect for the little guy's line of sight.
He liked peeking outside to see what was going on out there.
Uncle Ben let Ollie try on his awesome Beninem hat
gifted by Lucy two Christmases ago.
We obviously enjoyed ourselves for a few days before we all loaded into the car and headed for Newport!  Ollie slept all of 30 minutes out of the 7 hours.
However, he laughed hysterically for the last two hours of the drive, thanks to the ever entertaining Uncle Ben.
While in Newport we enjoyed the amenities at the condos - like the swimming pools!

Jordan joined us for the weekend!
Ollie & I never did make it to the beach - I know, right. He wasn't exactly easy for the week we were in Cali. He was {and still is} cutting his top two teeth & was a little out of sorts. We enjoyed the time spent with family. I especially enjoyed going to Disneyland
with my sister and her fam while Grandma & Grandpa babysat!
It was an absolutely fabulous day!

{For the record Disneyland...the scores on this next picture are totally wrong! I got my highest score ever - - 120,000 +!}

I wish I could do it all over again, and again, and again! Thanks Mom & Dad for watching the littles while we had a total blast! You guys are the BEST!
Beth's kids entertained Ollie the rest of the trip which also was REALLY nice. He stole everyone's shoes and followed the big kids around imitating them to the best of his abilities.

We put together a couple puzzles,
watched The Voice, ate like kings {thanks to our talented & vacation experienced Mama!}, Dad took me to Pinkberry and Nora drew everyone pictures.
It was sad to leave.
{And really sad to sit with Ollie in the car for the last three hours of the drive home. He was NOT a happy camper.}
Once back in Arizona,  Ollie and I had a couple more days until we flew back to Oklahoma. We spent ALL of that time working on a quilt for Jordan.

Thanks Mom for the hours of service & fun! Jordan much prefers this new, Man Quilt to his old one that was actually mine originally - it had pink and purple flowers and the binding is completely ripping off.

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Mom said...

We love spending time with you! The cake was delicious, I think it should be on your list of things to do when you come to visit!