October 23, 2013

The Philbrook

Ollie & I were so excited when we found out we could fly with Grandma & Grandpa Rogers on our way back to Tulsa! They were coming for a visit just as we needed to get back home {for their visit}
They were a HUGE help & I really wish I could take them with me every time I have to fly with Oliver.
We decided to take them to see the Philbrook since it was so lovely outside. The Philbrook is an old oil money mansion 
that was donated by the family to become a museum. The grounds are absolutely gorgeous.

 {Koi pond}

Finally! A decent picture with all three of us!
Catch that baby!
Ollie {& Jordan and I, of course} LOVED having his Grandparents here visiting. 

Thanks for coming to see us! As always, COME BACK!!!


Briana Shepley said...

That picture of you three is great! And I LOVED the one of Ollie and Cadbury :)

Sharon Mae said...

Miss y'all already. It was great being there and can't wait until Thanksgiving! Thanks for a very fun visit!