February 17, 2014

Andolyn of Evergreen

Andolyn was her full name, but we called her Andi.
She was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel {or whatever order all those words are supposed to appear, I always got them mixed up}. My parents got her right when I graduated high school, which made her almost ten years old. Gosh, I am old.
She was a sweet dog. SUPER soft and silky. She wasn't very playful and spent most of her time under a cabinet in the kitchen. She would have eaten herself to death if she had her way {much like Cadbury}. She really was sweet, but I swear, every now and then she was possessed...like with demons...which is why I sometimes called her Rasputin. {Sometimes she would be fast asleep under her cabinet and then wake up and start going 'bark' raving mad.} She hid from all the grandkids, understandably so. Except Lucy.
She was a tinge bit needy. See picture above...if you started petting her she would get up in your face and look longingly into your eyes begging for more.
I got a phone call this morning, that Andi had died. Blah. I hate when pets do that. It makes my heart hurt. Seriously. Anyway, I was told they had a nice little service for her and Nora and Lucy made this sign for her grave.
I know you made it to heaven Andini...despite the demons. I love you - thanks for being a good girl.
P.S. Cadbury gave me lots of kisses when he saw me crying after I hung up the phone. Sometimes he loves me as much as he loves Jordan. I thought I should document that. :)

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Mom said...

Thank you for your post on Andi. She was a very kind-natured dog. I hate saying good-bye to good dogs.