July 28, 2014

Putting Sloths On the Map

One of my favorite movies is Ice Age. In my family, I am kind of known for my impersonations of Sid the Sloth. 
I quote the movie all the time. {Other movies I quote all the time include but are not limited to: The Grinch, Christmas Vacation, and Mulan
There is a scene where Sid is etching a picture of a sloth on a wall
and when asked what he is doing he answers, "I'm putting sloths on the map." I have been feeling the same way. So I am putting myself on the map, so to speak.
Stepping out from behind the camera for a limited appearance...
 Ollie - your mom DOES exist! {That's me, talking to him in the future. You know, when he looks back at this blog and sees a thousand pictures of his cute little self, but asks, "Where are YOU, Mom?"}
You can see how thrilled Ollie was with having his picture taken.
Cadbury thought he would like to be put on the map as well. 
Mission accomplished.

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