July 18, 2014


My baby turned TWO yesterday. 
We all had a pretty great day. 
We had pancakes for breakfast and then went to play with all the kids at Beth's. The kids perfected their dancing skills to 'What Does the Fox Say' about a half dozen times in a row. He opened up the first of one of his favorite presents...
Before {note the yellow minion hat}
After {A New HAAATT!}
We had a toddler inspired dinner after Ollie's nap. An array of finger foods such as: 
Chick-fil-A Nuggets {with lots of dipping sauces}
French Fries from In-N-Out {with ketchup}
Fruit Platter {with Vanilla Bean Yogurt dip}
Veggie Tray {with ranch dip}
Chocolate Cake for dessert! {no dip necessary}
It was all going swell...
 UNTIL the Flaming Cake of Death got too close.
Good thing he had cousins to blow out the candles for him before he had a heart attack. After he recovered from his near death experience he opened way too many presents. He opened up his most favorite present...
SHOES! And not just ordinary shoes. Shoes that light up when he stomps his foot!!!
Does it get any better than that?!?
Well, yes.
The crowd then headed outside for an extra special birthday present unveiling...

After a few rides, Ollie enjoyed watching his cousins drive around while he ate cake.

 Check out those pretty brown eyes.
All done!

I seriously love my little two year old. He tests my limits, 
but more often than not, he makes me laugh out loud. I hope you enjoyed your special day as much as I did Ollie Rogers!
We L♥VE you!
Happy Birthday, Lovey!

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