July 7, 2014

Getting Out

Disclaimer: It is REALLY hard to get an almost two year old to look at a camera...it is that much more difficult to get them to smile while looking at a camera.
In an effort to NOT do this
all day, we have been getting out to see the sights more.
Last weekend, we took Ollie to Bass Pro to see the animals and fishies. He was kind of scared of the fish tank, but he LOVED walking around the store exploring and going up and down the giant staircases.
I took Ollie to the Dino Museum a few days later. {Remember my disclaimer...this look says, "Duuuhhh." But really, he was having fun on this dinosaur rocking chair.} 
When we walked into the room with all the BIG dino bones he said, "Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!" {etc.} His next favorite thing was going up and down all the stairs. He also enjoyed panning for gold/splashing water all over himself.
We were both really warm after all our exploring and decided we better stop by Sonic for drinks and lunch. Ollie has discovered his love for Strawberry Limeades.

More than anything its using a straw to suck up strawberry chunks that he enjoys so much. He also had fun with the toy mohawk that came with his happy meal.

I love that little body. :)

Jordan took Ollie to the Aerospace Museum while Mom & I painted the laundry room a couple days ago. We all had a good time.
 Ollie met a fellow almost two year old who liked to push the plane which was perfect because Ollie liked to ride in the plane. {See video below}

I think we've had a successful week. There is another perk to keeping busy...
Sweet dreams of Dinosaurs, Airplanes, & Strawberry Limeades.

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