August 4, 2013

Cheesy Grin

While in Arizona Ollie started doing this really cheesy smile.
Now he does it all the time. Goofy boy! 
Here it is live.
Oliver just had his 1-year check-up! {He was not doing his cheesy smile there. Nope! Not after 3 shots and getting his blood drawn.}
*Weight - 22 lbs. {50-75%}
*Height - 29 3/4 inches {50-75%}
*Head - 46.5 cm. {50-75%}
All in all, this is one average dude. Except for his cuteness. That is off the charts. :)
Ollie can stand up on his own & walks around everything. He is still extremely cautious and won't take steps without holding onto something.
He can wave. Give kissies. He says "Ma." He can clap. He still only has the two bottom teeth {very behind on those teeth little buddy}. He sleeps 14+ hours at night. He loves having his car seat turned around where he can see me through the rear-view mirror. He eats everything he has been given - he really enjoyed pizza on his birthday & spaghetti is another fave.
Oh, Oliver! You are too BIG!

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