August 26, 2013

Buzz Takes a Stroll

It must have been the Buzz onesie because I have been trying to get a good video of Oliver walking for about a week now. I just got him dressed in this Buzz Lightyear outfit for the first time and he is walking all over the place now.
I can't believe my baby is walking! While he is perfectly capable of walking on his own, his VERY favorite is to hold onto my finger while we make laps & laps around the house. So fun! {Not really.}
Ollie walking is the most exciting thing going on around here, but here are some other things we have been up to in the last week.
Ollie always makes sure Cadbury gets something to eat at meal times. Cadbury watches intensely for scraps.
 Their favorite snack is fishies.
{I think Ollie has a grumpy face because Cadbury got a fishie from his fingers before Ollie wanted to give it up...Ollie LOVES teasing Cadbury by holding onto the fishie so Cadbury can only lick it. Then Cadbury nibbles ever so gently to get little bites. EVERY. MEAL. PEOPLE.}
These two entertain each other. There are lots of kisses. 
Cadbury knows I don't like this, but Oliver insists by putting his head as close to Cadbury's mouth as possible. Erg.
After all those kisses from Cadbury, it's time for a bath!
Jordan traveled a little bit last week, so I was forced to take these two on a walk by myself...not fun.
Needless to say, it was a short walk.
Cadbury might love Oliver and he tolerates me, but there is only one who holds his truest affection.
"Reunited and it feels so good..."
What a precious stuffed animal!!!
"I've been caught!" 
Every week brings something new with this little man. He keeps things exciting around here!

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Sharon said...

Goodness! He's walking like a pro!! So darn adorable!!