August 12, 2013

Since We've Been Home

We have kept busy since being back from Arizona.

First, we had a big shopping trip to refill the house with necessities after being gone so long.  Ollie {and Jordan} had fun with the left over 'wipes' box after a trip to Sam's Club.

Ollie played in his jumperoo one afternoon while I picked up our storm-trashed backyard.
I made spaghetti for dinner one night & Ollie enjoyed the leftovers for lunch the next day.  :)

For some nice family time on a Monday evening, we took ourselves to Firehouse Subs { good}

& we took Ollie to TOYS "R" US.
{Jordan is dying to buy Ollie this Jeep - - dreamer.}
We have all enjoyed getting to actually look at each other in the car after turning Ollie's car seat around!
Then on a Sunday afternoon, out of desperation to entertain the little guy, we took him to Guthrie Green to play in the splash pad there. He was {and is} cautious and just observed for a while.

Until he determined it would be safe to join in on the fun!

He is so brave! ;)
Tuckered out after a BIG day!
Ollie wasn't the only one...
I the pear-shaped body.
Ollie got a digital frame from Aunt Elyce for his birthday. The kid LOVES to look at pictures of himself!
The last few days, Ollie has been G-R-U-M-P-Y!!!

The only thing {or song, rather} that gets him out of his bad mood..."My Hands."
Ollie LOVES this song. He makes all kinds of facial expressions during his favorite parts {"I will raise them way up high and let my fingers fly, fly, fly. Then clap, clap, clap and one, two, three - Just see how quiet they can be."}

True Story:  The last two pics were taken minutes after the two pics of him being a grump-a-lump. Just insert a wardrobe change, being placed in his high-chair and singing THE song.
We did some fun things that unfortunately, weren't pictured...
*Cadbury got to go to Biscuit Acres {the dog park}, while Ollie watched the ducks.
*On another Sunday, we walked along the Arkansas River which has a really nice flow to it with all the rain we've gotten.
*Ollie & I went to lunch with friends.
*My Aunt Kathy & Cousin Lindsay came over for lunch {on a Sunday} and we enjoyed visiting with them. Cadbury enjoyed showing off his tricks to them. Their favorite was this particular trick...
*I have NOT enjoyed declaring war on sugar ants that insist on ruining my life. I have caulked everything caulkable in the kitchen & they still grace me with their presence. Ahhhh!
That's what's been going on around here..."Let's see what's going on in your neck of the woods." - Al Roker
No, but really, my mind is drawing blanks now, so Peace!

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Sharon said...

Love your posts! You'll have to make a book someday for sure!