August 16, 2013

Tree Trimmers

Bright & Early the other morning, we had exciting things to watch in our backyard.  We had a couple unruly trees which needed trimming.
These trees are as old as the house {60 years old!} & thus, require professionals.
Sadly, this tree has been uprooted by storms and leans completely on the fence. There was no way to save it, so they took it down.  :(
 Into the wood chipper it goes!
 The pecan tree had several large branches growing over our power lines, so they left it nice and trimmed & left us with some pecan wood!

It was very exciting for all of us to watch.  Ollie kept waving at the guys. Later that night, Jordan & I went mushroom picking in our backyard.  We have been getting a lot of rain and these mushrooms pop up within hours of not existing. It's crazy.  This bag is completely full of them.
All this yard work inspired me to finally paint the front door {something I have wanted to do since we moved in 1.5 years ago}. 
{Before - plain ol' white}
Now, I need a new wreath to complete the project.
And a post isn't a post until there are pictures of Oliver...this was bath time the other night.

 Love that sweet boy!
By the way, did you know this 13-month old is close to walking? He is taking 1-2 steps between furniture. 
Where has the last year gone!?!


Mom said...

Looks like fun times! I am missing all of you...especially that sweet Ollie boy! Love the front door!

Sharon said...

Miss you all too! What color should I paint my door?