February 25, 2015

A Foot of Snow

I made plans to visit my sister in Denver about a month ago. I invited my mom to come along with and always look forward to hanging out up there for a few days. I was nervous it wouldn't happen because we all got super sick the week before and I was so grateful when I got to feeling better and could move forward with my plans. Denver's February has been unseasonably warm and filled with sunshine and beautiful weather. As soon as we got there for an extended weekend, winter decided to roll into to town as well.  It was fun to see the snow {from the warmth of indoors, of course}.
We ate yummy food
& I was 100% satisfied with the trip all because I got this...
We saw a fabulous movie {I highly recommend it}, McFarland, USA. When we entered the theatre there wasn't a drop of snow on the ground. When we exited the theatre there was 3-4 inches of snow and blizzard conditions. It was fun & cold.
The next morning we woke up to 11 inches of the fluffy white stuff!


Before we headed back to 75 degree weather we made a mini-Thanksgiving dinner. It was just as tasty as the real thing!
Ollie was in good hands with his daddy all weekend long. I was so excited to see him Monday morning and when I opened his bedroom door he said, "No!...Not You!!...I want my daddy!" He warmed up to me in no time. Betrayal is always his first emotion when one of us has left him for a longer than normal time. I'm just thrilled he didn't cry because his mama was gone the whole time. Thanks for coming with me Mom & thanks Elyce & Anita for another fabulous trip!

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