February 2, 2015

Snoopy & Tupperware Hats

Ollie has recently started getting into watching actual movies {yay! something other than Mickey Mouse!!!}. When he watched my favorite Snoopy movie {You're A Good Sport Charlie Brown} he was hysterical. He thought that Snoopy Dog was the funniest thing he'd ever seen.

Every Tuesday, Beth plays volleyball and drops Jane off to play for a couple hours. Ollie loves to hold her and Jane is a big fan of her cousin Ollie.
She is a doll!
We took Ollie to Zoo Lights! We all had a pretty great night!
The weather is back to being absolutely lovely. Haha, it was a rough two weeks of chilly weather, but us Arizonans survived! :)
Ollie plays outside for hours and hours. Him and his buddy Cadbury have great adventures together. I eaves drop on them and it's so funny to listen to Ollie chatter up a storm to his best doggy pal. I wish I knew what went on in that little mind.
Recently, Ollie has become re-obsessed with Tupperware hats {he goes through spurts of raiding the Tupperware cabinet}. Jordan captured this gem...
...starting to think that maybe this wasn't such a good idea...
Another morning, Ollie found grandma's magnifying glasses and gave them a go. Huge nerd.
This was all the first part of January. Our second half of January was even more eventful. Stay tuned to see our adventures!

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