February 26, 2015

Mr. Articulate

Oliver Kimball Rogers,
YOU are wise beyond your years. You freak me out with how knowledgeable you already are about many things. Where do you learn these things? I assure you, I do not know.
Yesterday, Ollie was playing in the bathroom sink while I got myself ready for the day. He loves to "wash" all his toys {from Mr. Potato head's shoes & hat to all your Mickey Mouse figurines and everything else I will let you dump in the sink}. This particular washing involved Legos. He would fill them up with water and dump them into empty ones and started getting everything {rug, cabinets, floor} wet. I got after him and told him he could only dump over the sink because he was making a mess. While I continued getting ready I watched him sulk. After a few minutes of his very entertaining pouty lips I asked him what was wrong...
"I'm sad."
"Why are you sad?"
"Cause you be mean to me."
Bleeding hearts of the world unite {fave quote from The Grinch} that broke my heart.
Just one small example of my little dude getting too big for his & my britches.
{Above picture: "Look, Mom! It's an 'x'!" He also knows that 'O' stands for Ollie or "Oddie" as he refers to himself.}
Our routine lately has consisted A LOT of going outside so Ollie can ride his bike {it's actually a tricycle, but I can't get him to say trike instead of bike}.
 {Usually Donald & Blue Blankie are always invited along for the ride.}

We spend many, MANY hours outside each day.

Lately, we have been going down to the "lake" with Grandpa so Ollie can throw rocks.

 {Red Mountain in the distance.}
This piece of land is owned by my dads family and they are in the works to sell it.
There has been an enormous bulldozer there for the past few weeks grading the land so it has a nice gentle slope down to the "lake" {err...rainwater/irrigation runoff}.
It's strangely addicting to watch this bulldozer go back & forth smoothing out the land.

It was an absolutely beautiful day so we spent a couple hours just throwing rocks.
Another obsession lately has been "fixing" broken down toys with Ollie's tools. It started when he took a tumble with his scooter. As seen by these very dramatic pictures.

He dusted himself off and decided because the scooter fell over it was broken. He went and got his tool box and spent an hour "fixing" it.
Awesome sauce. Now whenever something performs differently than he thinks is normal, it is considered "broken" and out comes the toolbox.

Our Valentine's day was not very exciting. I was really sick & Ollie came down with a bad fever along with me. I spent the day in bed but managed to make some sugar cookies with Ollie a few days prior to getting sick. He LOVES helping me in the kitchen. I drag a stool over and he dumps in the flour, sugar, salt, water, whatever and helps me mix things together. His favorite thing was to smash these cookies with a cup {then I used my finger to shape them into quirky little hearts}.
We have been juicing oranges and Ollie loves to juice himself a cup, drink it, and juice some more. So far we have made cookies, juiced orange juice, scrambled eggs, made pancakes, more cookies & fixed him PB&J.

And just because we spend most of our time outside, I'm going to finish off with more pictures of Ollie doing what he loves best...


playing outside. I love me that little tree frog.

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