February 5, 2015


We decided it was time to take Oliver to THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH. Jordan got the time off and we planned away. I have a friend who's husband works for ESPN and gets us in for free and with gas being so cheap, we would be fools to pass up the opportunity. Then my sister found us a week on her timeshare for pennies and we got to stay at the Four Seasons in Newport. Woot woot! The morning before we left, Ollie woke up in the middle of the night with the cough. You know, the one. The croup. Blah! I took him to the doctor and she gave him the steroid that every kid with the croup gets and asked her if we should cancel our trip. She replied, "No way! Go! Have fun! It's just the croup." Woo hoo! You don't have to tell me twice! So we loaded up and drove to Cali the next day. That night, we met Jordan's sister Jenni and her fam at a nearby park {they recently moved to Temecula} and had a fun time catching up with them and eating pizza. I was super nervous about sleeping in the same room as Ollie. He has always loved having his own space and with Jordan snoring and him being almost too big for a pack-n-play, I was nervous. Ollie was a champ and went right to sleep and didn't wake up until 9:00 the next morning. Sweet!! That day we had planned to go see the Mormon Battalion,
Big fan of panning for gold/splashing in water and rocks...
look at the historic homes in San Diego {a very short walk from the Battalion},
 I want this one please...
 Gorgeous day!

and eat lunch at El Indio. After seeing the gorgeous homes, Ollie melted down.
{Actually, the above pic more accurately describes the trip.}
 He had been a good sport long enough and did not feel well at all. Poor little dooby. After finally calming him down, we picked up lunch 'to go' at Juanita's {another family favorite} and headed back to the hotel for naps.
Ollie went right down easy and woke up saying "I want to go to the beach!" He had never seen the ocean in all of his 2.5 years and we couldn't pass up the opportunity {Famous Last Words}.
He ran right to the ocean
and what did that mighty ocean do?? Swept him right off his feet. So within seconds of seeing the ocean he was wet and cold.
{Daddy thinks it's funny.}

He didn't complain, but I luckily brought some spare warm clothes and got him cleaned up and he loved playing in the sand.

 Beautiful sunset!
  He just wouldn't go near that big bad ocean again. Which is fine by me! After dinner and a big day for our little family we excitedly went to sleep. We were headed to Mickey's house the next day and needed our rest! I woke up at 5 a.m. and decided to take Ollie's temperature. What it read caused me to have a major heart attack. I woke up Jordan and flashed him the thermometer.
Jordan said, "Is that even a real number!?!"
I called my mom frantic {sorry mom} and she said give him Tylenol and it should go down quick. Thankfully, it did. Unfortunately, I texted my friend and told her there would be no Disneyland for us that day. We did venture out for the best fish & chips for lunch,

 but the rest of the day was spent in the hotel room.

Ollie never forgot his first interaction with the ocean and all day long said this...
"The ocean get me." {In fact, he started saying it a lot again yesterday. I hope he isn't scarred for life.}
After a long day Jordan rewarded me with my favorite...
We were supposed to leave the next day because Jordan had to get back to work. We were totally bummed we weren't going to make it to Disneyland. Ollie kept asking when he was going to go to Mickey's house. Sad. We decided we would see how the night went, but plan on going to Disneyland in the morning if all went well and then drive home later. Kristin was so SO gracious to be willing to let us in the next day. We all got a good nights rest and Ollie woke up fever free and happy as can be. We asked him if he wanted to go to Mickey's house and he was crazy amounts of excited.

{As were we!}
Every day of the trip thus far had been super hard. Ollie was difficult and grumpy and didn't know what he wanted, but Tuesday was perfect! The whipped cream and cherry on top of it all was when he first saw Mickey Mouse.
"Mickkkkeyyy Mousssseee!!!"
 Pit stop for the best corn dogs and Coke under the sun!!!
 {Ahhh, life makes sense!}
 We made it! Hooray!

 We told Ollie he could pick one little beanie friend to take home. He kept picking "one" up.
In the end, he picked Goofy and he loves that thing more than life itself.
On the way home, Ollie was in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse heaven...
Having a t.v. in the car saved our lives more than once on this little adventure {thanks, Beth!}. Thanks, Disneyland for always making our dreams come true! 'Til next time - XOXO!

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